Game times prove a dilemma for visiting club

The Jillaroos were downed in their first game but are hoping for redemption when they face Tenterfield on Saturday.
The Jillaroos were downed in their first game but are hoping for redemption when they face Tenterfield on Saturday.

What was shaping up to be a great day out in Walcha is proving to be a headache for travelling teams. 

This Saturday will see the Walcha Rams and the Roos rugby league club host a double-header.

The Rams will play Inverell in earlier fixtures from 12.15pm while the Roos take on Tenterfield from 3.30pm.

The Tenterfield Tigers are due to travel to Walcha to play their round two fixtures against the Jillaroos and Roos.

To cater for four teams playing on the same field, the league tag fixture has been confirmed as a 3.30pm start. 

A minimum of eight players to take the field and maximum of 11 is permitted. 

Tenterfield captain-coach Megg Landers confirmed to the Walcha News on Wednesday they won't be fielding a full-strength team with many unavailable due to the late start time.

Megg Landers.

Megg Landers.

"I think we are looking at about 10 players but I will try and convince a few to come play," she said. 

"We will have a team but no subs [substitutes]." 

Tigers men's co-coach Geoff Swan was hoping the games could be played earlier with the trip from Tenterfield three hours each way.

"That is not good," he said.

"Do they have a right of way of the oval?

"Would we be able to play first? Put our games first and then put them after.

"Then we could maybe play the women's game a bit earlier.

"That is why I am not happy with it because I was planning on going to Newcastle straight after, to make a party.

"I thought I would play footy because it is on the way and keep going but a 4.30pm game? I will be out."

Prior to the arrangement of the times that currently stand, a suggestion was put forward to alternate rugby union and rugby league fixtures throughout the day. 

Rams president Roger van den Hoek said it was difficult with a four hour round trip from Inverell.

"We wanted to do that but it was going to be difficult with the opposition," van den Hoek said. 

"Because Inverell have to travel from Inverell it just makes it difficult for them to hang around between those games."

"They were happy to fit in with us in coming in early but to drag it out for the whole day was probably a bit too much of an ask, they just thought some of their players may not be that keen to make it such a big day."

The Rams will play Inverell on Saturday.

The Rams will play Inverell on Saturday.

The round two fixtures for the Central North Rugby Union and Group 19 seasons are not the only clashes both clubs had to contend with. 

Round seven on May 25 was also scheduled to see both clubs play on the Saturday in Walcha however the rugby league club have opted to re-schedule their clash with Tingha to Sunday, May 26. 

Round 10 on June 22 would have seen both clubs scheduled to play on the day, with the Rams hosting Narrabri and the Roos hosting Bingara, but the rugby league club have optioned to swap for a round three, April 27, home game against Bingara and travel away for round 10.

Round 12 of both competitions on Saturday, July 6 will see another clash when the Rams are scheduled to host the Tamworth Pirates and the Roos to host Ashford. 

"This is probably not the only time we are going to have to run a double-header I assume," van den Hoek said. 

"This is probably going to be a bit of a test to see how it works.

"We have never had to change a time for any other clubs we have had to play."

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