Candidate predicts poll upset

FOUNDER of the 21st Century Australia party, Jamie McIntyre is backing himself to create a significant political upset come September, saying his two opponents for the seat of New England are in danger of being defeated by him.

A poll conducted by Mr McIntyre’s party last week, indicated sitting Member for New England Tony Windsor was facing a landslide defeat at the hands of himself or Senator Barnaby Joyce.

He said the results showed 22 per cent for himself, 40 per cent for Barnaby Joyce and only 12 per cent for Mr Windsor with 26 per cent undecided.

Although the results show Senator Joyce with an 18 per cent margin, Mr McIntyre says he is predicting the Nationals contender to be vulnerable.

While the phone poll only contacted 100 voters in the New England region which contains a population of over 200,000, Mr McIntyre said the poll displayed a trend where voters where becoming disillusioned by the two major political parties.

Mr McIntyre intimated that undecided voters would show preference to him as a newcomer.

The 21st Century Australia party claim that by September they will have candidates to run for Senate positions in each state as well as 75 for the lower house.

Mr McIntyre is predicting his party will become a major party by 2021.

However, Mr McIntyre turned his attention to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last week as he took him around the country as part of his 21st Century Education Summit’s in Sydney and Melbourne.

Jamie McIntyre (left) with Arnold Schwarzenegger last week.

Jamie McIntyre (left) with Arnold Schwarzenegger last week.