Police news

Sergeant James Boaden.

Sergeant James Boaden.

P Plate offences

Two red P Plate drivers have received warnings recently for not complying with restrictions on their licence, including a 17-year-old driver stopped at 12.30am with passengers aged 18 and 20 in the vehicle.

If the holder of a P1 licence is less than 25 years of age, they cannot drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am with more than one passenger under 21.

Failure to pay

A disqualified driver who left Tenterfield Fuel on Friday, October 19 without paying for petrol was clocked at 142 Kmph before being stopped at the foot of Bolivia Hill by highway patrol at 4pm. The vehicle registration had expired and the driver admitted to using ice before getting behind the wheel.

She was taken to Tenterfield Hospital for testing and police expect to lay more charges.

ADVO checks

Tenterfield Police are carrying out apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) checks as part of a state program to ensure that conditions of orders are being met, in light of multiple recent deaths as a result of domestic violence.

Police will attend and speak to both parties, the defendant and the person in need of protection. Police are keen to facilitate a safe environment for everyone involved, particularly the children who tend to have a less-than-ideal outcome when exposed to violence in the home.

Slippery conditions

Police have attended a number of minor traffic accidents over the past week, as rain hampers driving. Drivers are urged to drive to conditions on the wet, greasy roads, which generally means driving more slowly and carefully, and allowing greater braking distances.

Amnesty deadline

One local gun owner just made the firearms amnesty deadline, handing in an AK47 assault rifle to Tenterfield Police at 7pm on the last day of the amnesty, September 30. The New England Local Area Command claimed fourth top spot for the most firearms surrendered, contributing 290 to the almost 10,000 total state-wide.