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Your age and experience in politics?

I'm 33 years old and have run in a previous election against Barnaby Joyce. I have been with Science Party since they have been the Science Party.

What is your heritage and citizenship status?

I am 100% an Australian Citizen. My Dad was born overseas because his Aussie parents were working over there when he was born, but that country doesn't recognise dual citizenship. It's actually pretty easy to find out if you take the ten minutes it takes to look. It's also a federal offence with maximum 12 months jail time if you don't.

Why are you running?

I am passionate about agtech and believe that technology is the only was to grow lasting jobs in the New England electorate. I think that people want to see data driven policies and as a scientist I'm good at looking at data and turning it into action. 

What are the top three issues the electorate is facing?

Jobs (especially for younger people)

Infrastructure (NBN, roads)

Farmers (water and mining issues)

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Why should people vote for you?

I listen to the problems that people have, and have the conviction and ability to stand up for them in parliament. I believe I can help draw young talent to the area and can encourage more young people to stay. I am also able to debate the big boys and am not afraid to stand up for the people.

Our survey has found renewable energy to be a big concern in the region, what are policies around renewable energy?

Pro-renewables, Pro-Nuclear, Anti-Coal, Gas is OK under certain conditions (but not CSG) as long as we are using it as a back-up or transition.

How do you propose to bring more jobs to the electorate?

Create tech and agtech jobs through government initiatives and infrastructure. Help build the vibrant communities in Armidale and Tamworth. Encourage start-ups to move here. Every tech job creates at least 4 new non-tech jobs (though often much more than that) 

What is your view of the NBN?

Essential to the survival and growth of the entire country. Needs to be fibre-to-the-premises 

Where do you stand on the balance between the region's mining and agriculture industries?

We shouldn't be mining coal. Agriculture should always come first. The need for food is growing, but the need for coal is decreasing and will decrease in further across the next ten years. Coal is a dead industry, while Ag is a booming and sustainable one.

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