Light up your life with a free light painting workshop

How good are you at writing your name in the dark with a sparkler? 

A new movement called ‘light painting’ is taking that concept a whole lot further, using light implements to create stunning works of art that can then be captured during long-exposure photography.

Stanthorpe photographer Gail Paulsen stumbled across the concept when looking for ideas to expand her photographic repertoire. She joined forces with another local woman Terry Thornton who has taken on the creative side on the project, and is now a designated ‘light spinner’.

Light painting photographer Gail Paulsen.

Light painting photographer Gail Paulsen.

In their toolbox are instruments like light flutes, light paddles and light hoops, supplemented by self-made devices and household items like coloured torches and sparklers, in fact anything that can create a light source.

Operating as Elektro Kinetic, the two are conducting a free one-hour workshop in Millbrook Park at Saturday, February 17 from 8.15pm (weather permitting). Outside cameras are strictly forbidden (there’s a workshop in Stanthorpe on February 24 on capturing the light art), but families are encouraged to come along and enjoy the light magic. Bring along torches and sparklers to be part of a creation.

It could be called performance art, and audience participation is welcome. For more information contact Ms Paulsen on 0427 564 460 or check out stanthorpelightpainting on Facebook.

Ms Paulsen said light painting is getting quite a following in major centres, and it’s something quite different to experience in our neck of the woods.

Here’s a taste...