GenAngus Future Leaders Program launched in Armidale

Candice Liddle, Peter Parnell, Emma Thomas and Jasmine Ramage at Thursday's launch in Armidale.
Candice Liddle, Peter Parnell, Emma Thomas and Jasmine Ramage at Thursday's launch in Armidale.

A new program will aim to fast-track leaders in agriculture, aged between 25 and 40.

Called The GenAngus Future Leaders Program, it was launched in Armidale last Thursday, and it is a joint effort by registered breed organisation Angus Australia and specialist rural insurance company Achmea Australia.

They hope the initiative will help shape the industry for years to come, by mentoring young entrepreneurs who are seeking to advance their knowledge and skills.

Angus Australia’s chief executive officer, Peter Parnell, said the future leaders program intends to bridge the generation gap between people finishing youth programs and taking up industry leadership roles.

“While our existing youth program is already highly successful in providing opportunities via a suite of scholarships, awards and bursaries, this new initiative is part of our organisation’s aim to support the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills amongst our young members,” Dr Parnell said.

“We find that while a lot of youth programs tend to focus on the 16-25 age group, there aren’t many programs for 25-40 year-olds.

“It means that a lot of younger people are hesitant to take on leadership roles, because they feel they don’t have enough experience,” he said.

The program will provide opportunities for participants to create a business plan, utilising knowledge gained in corporate governance and commercialising ideas, and also covers financial planning, succession planning, marketing, promotion and branding, effective business networking and industry insights.

“It’s our goal to equip our young members with the knowledge they need to run a successful beef business, and develop their knowledge and skills so they can more effectively establish, advance and promote our breed, and the beef industry as a whole,” Dr Parnell said.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to realise that goal, and we’re thrilled Achmea Australia has come on board to deliver a highly innovative and meaningful new program.”

Achmea Australia has committed to funding the first three years, to help set up and sponsor the program, which is intended to be of huge benefit to the ongoing establishment and promotion of entrepreneurial beef and cattle-related businesses.

“We hope this industry partnership will be first of many aimed at helping to protect and enhance our agricultural communities,” Achmea Australia’s CEO, Emma Thomas, said.

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