Capacity crowd at first Ladies Night In, with calls for more | PHOTOS

An idea that kept Tenterfield Bowling Club’s Annette Miller awake at night had a wildly-successful conclusion on Saturday, March 10 as a hundred women packed in the club’s Greenview restaurant for an evening of fun and entertainment.

Ms Miller said the inaugural Ladies Night In was just something that got into her head and she had to put on the event to exorcise the thoughts keeping her awake a night.

As well as being a social evening with pampering stands around the venue, the gathering was also a fundraising event but not for mainstream organisations.

“I wanted to raise money for the charities that people don’t see all the time, ones that are a bit different,” she said.

Representatives from the Tenterfield Social Development Committee (TSDC), Challenge Community Services and Mumma’s Pride indigenous rugby league team all gave presentations on the night describing where any donations would be invested. Each attendee had a voting card and proceeds were allocated proportionally.

Karen Mooney speaking on behalf of TSDC said funds would go towards a project to secure birth certificates for those who never received one. Challenge’s Jo Yates said her organisation would use funding for tools and resources for clients’ creative, personal and business activities such as cooking, setting up a market garden or bike repair business and mounting an art and craft show.

Helen Duroux, meanwhile, speaking on behalf of Mumma’s Pride indigenous rugby league team said the money would help pay for gear and football carnival nominations.

Ms Duroux said she had a fantastic night, and had just finished saying to her sister beside her how handy the raffle prize of four hours of construction labour courtesy of Tony Hickey would be when the prize landed in her lap. She has a Colourbond fence to erect and feels the prize should just about cover installation of the posts and railings.

Interspersed with the presentations, meal and a fashion parade courtesy of Sherelle’s Fashions, the ladies had a variety of activities to indulge in. They included handmade jewellery by Miles Blum, Lynnie Smith’s natural oils, Karen Tapscott’s beading, felting items from Cheryl Wright and Sue Jurd, craft products from Bec Campbell, and Arbonne makeup and skin care courtesy of Rachel Brown.

Ms Miller was thrilled with the capacity turnout, and said everyone seemed to get something out of the night. Ealier guests of the club’s motel heard of the event and made a point of returning for the festivities.

“They had a wow of a night,” Ms Miller said.

She’s already fielding requests for another such event, and is considering one which could include both men and women. She feels suicide prevention may be a fitting purpose, given the prevalence of suicide in farming communities.

She just has to recover from Saturday night’s effort first.