Mobile vet clinic holds seminar at Riverview

The Mobile Vet Clinic, in conjunction with Wilshire and Co and Zoetis Animal Health, held a seminar at 'Riverview' the property of Angelo and Nicole Saccon recently.

The day focused on maximising the reproductive potential of breeding cattle which is especially important during these tough environmental conditions. 

Andrew Hallas from Zoetis provided fantastic practical advice for participants regarding reproductive disease prevention and management. Explaining how even the most complicated disease processes such as pestivirus can be understood and overcome. 

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Dr Matthew Verri who has recently joined Dr Michelle Piccini and the team at The Mobile Vet Clinic then shared his knowledge in the area of bull health including how to interpret bull testing results, disease and nutritional issues, and the importance of maintaining optimal performance.

A practical demonstration for attendees included a discussion of the attributes of the bulls present and then the collection of semen for analysis. 

Analysis was done on site immediately with everyone gaining an opportunity to look at the sample under the microscope and given an explanation of how semen samples are assessed. The group of cattle producers who attended were able to discuss their individual requirements with the representatives present and also gain valuable insight into how others are managing processes on their own properties. 

The Mobile Vet Clinic is excited to now have Dr Matthew Verri as part of our team. In addition to his skills in the areas of small animal medicine, equine medicine and production animal health, Matthew is one of a select group of Australia Cattle Veterinarians accredited to conduct the assessment of breeding bulls under the BullCheck scheme and also conduct pregnancy diagnosis in cattle under the PregCheck scheme.

With years of experience in this area and using the latest and most advanced equipment for both bull testing and ultrasound pregnancy testing The Mobile Vet Clinic aims to bring producers the most accurate assessments with the least amount of stress to animals and handlers. 

Each year producers are faced with different and challenging issues that may affect their herd and this requires flexible solutions. The Mobile Vet Clinic understands these needs and are working to help producers individually.  

"We can discuss and help with all aspects of breeding herd management. This 'hands on' seminar was run to give producers an opportunity to see this demonstrated, however we understand that many producers are extremely busy with feeding and drought commitments, so we are happy to help those who wished they were able to attend" said Dr Michelle Piccini.