Tesla driver explains all at the Glen Innes charging point

Richard McNeall plus Tesla.
Richard McNeall plus Tesla.

It takes maybe a minute to fill your tank with petrol but two hours to charge an electric car so it’s a no brainer that the internal combustion engine is better, is it not?

It is not, according to Richard McNeall.

His argument is that the range of electric cars means that you won’t have to charge up during the day. You charge at night and that gives you enough battery power to last the 200 to 400 kilometres which electric cars can travel between charges.

He is a Tesla owner and a fan and he was in Glen Innes on his way from Sydney to Alice Springs where Tesla fans will rally. 

He was going from Armidale up to Toowoomba so spent an hour at the Glen charge point while he and his companions looked around town. An hour was enough to top the battery up.

On cost, he admitted that Teslas were more than $100,000 but that’s because Elon Musk, the company’s founder, decided to go high end first and then bring in middle range vehicles.

The reasoning was: start at the top to make money to finance expansion.

There are two charging points in Glen Innes, next to each other behind the Visitors’ Centre.

One is for Tesla vehicles alone and the other is for all types of electric cars.

Either way, the council’s belief is that as the technology takes off, the town will be well placed.

The council’s Ian Trow said: “We don’t expect people to stop here and fully charge, but, for example, to stop here and go on to Warwick and top up there.”

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