Council waives water fees to refill farmhouse tanks

Tenterfield Shire Council is helping struggling rural households with access to fresh water by waiving the fee for council’s water carting contractor to pump potable water from its standpipe.

At the August 22 meeting councillors resolved that the fee exemption would apply to households eligible for drought relief assistance through the Salvation Army. 

The normal rate for potable water is $6.20 per kilolitre, $124 for a 20,000 litre tanker. The Salvos are already supplying free potable water to eligible households, so the fee exemption will allow their funds to stretch further.

Council will not be involved in the eligibility assessment process, instead deferring to the Salvos’ existing mechanism. 

The Salvos’ Yolande Soper said there’s no set form to assess a family’s need for drought relief, and every assessment is done on a case-by-case basis. She encouraged anyone struggling – not just financially – to get in touch as the Salvos are in the business of providing hope, and there may be other services available.

The new process kicks off on Monday, September 3 will all enquiries referred to the Salvation Army to conduct its eligibility assessments. If eligible, arrangements will be made for the supply of potable water to the respective farmers.

“We know it’s not much, but every drop counts,” Mayor Peter Petty.

In a joint statement Tenterfield Shire Council and the Salvation Army said, “We want our farmers to know that we stand with them in their time of need.

“Collectively, we can do so much more.”

Inquiries can be made to council on (02) 6736 6000 or directly to Joel Soper of the Tenterfield Salvos on 0410 693 593 or