$56,000 to improve the stalls for horses

Deepwater Jockey Club is losing a bit of sentimental history but gaining a mass of modern functionality.

Old wooden stalls for horses, installed just after the war, offered warm memories but they were getting too old and rickety so the club is investing $56,000 to replace them with more modern structures.

Club secretary, Patricia Stack, said: “These stalls have served us well”.

Forty have been replaced in the last four years and now the final 22 are going. “We have to move with the times”, she said.

Tricia Stack.

Tricia Stack.

Half the money comes from the club itself and half from NSW Racing which has money to promote the sport in rural areas.

Deepwater is famed for its racing and for its course. It’s a celebrated social scene. The next meeting is on January 19.

At the recent AGM, the long-standing committee were reelected: Doug Stevenson (President); Vice Presidents: John Newsome and Phil a'Beckett. Patricia Stack remains secretary.

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