Tenterfield Preschool hosts its mentors days

Tenterfield Preschool recently hosted its annual Male and Female Mentor Days.

These days began on the realisation of just how busy everybody is and how there often isn’t the opportunity for designated play time. To counteract this, the Preschool created Mentor Days.

On Saturday,October 20 the Preschool children arrived with their dad, grandpa, poppy or all three and on Saturday, November 3 they brought their mums, nans, noonas and family friends, or any combination thereof.

For two hours the mobile phones were put on silent mode and the morning was dedicated to play, one of the most important things that we can do with our children.

“It was wonderful to see the interactions between the Preschool children and their mentors and I think equally as wonderful for the mentors to see their Preschooler in their element,” Preschool director Chloe Daly said.

“We engaged in our morning routine consisting of a Welcome to Country and a run through of how our morning would be spent. Our male mentors were dressing dolls, painting (and finger painting), kicking balls and demonstrating their construction skills in the sandpit with pipe work, complete with water.

“And our female mentors were just as busy making necklaces, reading stories, fishing, cooking in the sandpit and building the tallest block towers we have ever seen.”

Chloe said before they knew it, two hours had passed and it was time to pack away.

“And just like a regular Preschool day, there is always a bit of dance and movement before morning tea.”