Restoring garden beds in Tenterfield's main street

After last month's rainfall, Council Parks & Gardens staff are working hard to get the town and main street looking as presentable as possible to welcome visitors to our now green surrounds.

In order to ensure that all is ready to go should Level 4.7 Water Restrictions be lifted, the planters in the main street have been sprayed to kill grass and seeds in the soil.

A contractor has been appointed to repair damaged structures but given the age of the blocks, an exact match has not been possible. However the replacement blocks will provide a suitable alternative.

Work is expected to commence in the next two weeks to install drip irrigation in the planter boxes.


Plants have been ordered and are ready for delivery, but until the Level 4.7 Water Restrictions are lifted to Level 2 (or a dispensation sought to allow for irrigation systems at the current level), plants cannot be established using the current practice of hand watering.

In addition, Council is experiencing higher than normal complaints about overgrown blocks. In response to the drought and the need to cart drinking water for animals, owners have removed their horses, cattle and sheep from the urban area.

"The growth of grass and weeds has been phenomenal," Mayor Peter Petty said. "It is anticipated that once water restrictions are lifted, the animals will be returned to town and growth managed in that way.

"In the meantime, our Parks & Gardens staff are busy mowing parks and verges, spraying weeds around town and undertaking private works mowing for other Government entities", the Mayor added.