Build your own Viking helmet with Children's University Australasia

Just for kids: build your own Viking helmet

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This week: build a Viking helmet

Vikings lived hundreds of years ago in an area of northern Europe called Scandinavia. They were known for travelling in great boats to lots of different countries. Try making a copy of a Viking helmet. Trace the template below on to a large piece of paper or cardboard. Cut out the two horns, and as many straight strips of paper as you need to fit around and over your head. Decorate the straps and the horns. Ask for help, if you need it, to sticky tape or glue your helmet together. You might want to make a matching helmet for one of your favourite toys. Or design your own Viking helmet from scratch.



  • Make activities fun, avoid creating stress
  • Spend time doing the activities together, each task is achievable
  • Be guided by your child, let them lead the activity
  • There is no one way of doing a task, be creative, have fun