Warning over paint scammer

Warning over paint scammer

Tenterfield residents are being warned to check credentials before engaging anyone for painting work with reports of a conman targeting elderly homeowners.

David Whale, who is already in the midst of court proceedings against this person, pursuing him for non-payment of a debt, said he is a smooth talker who can convince homeowners they're getting a good deal.

Ultimately, though, he does little work before absconding with payment, leaving an unfinished job.


"One lady paid $3700 for him to paint four rooms," Mr Whale said.

"He painted one, demanded more money and when she handed over the $100 she had, he packed up and left. She had to pay a registered painter $4000 to finished the job."

Mr Whale said the man deals only in cash, doesn't have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and doesn't provide invoices.

"I want to warn people against him," Mr Whale said, who has also be in touch with Tenterfield Police over the matter.

He urged people, before any work is done on their home, to check that a tradesperson is registered, has an ABN, and that invoices are issued.