Poor show of hands to help cleanup the creek

Efforts to tidy up Tenterfield Creek on Sunday to mark Cleanup Australia Day turned into a bit of a fizzer, after a promising start with 14 people registered to participate.

Organiser Michael Davey of Ozfish said sporting commitments, a death in the family and inclement weather all contributed to a poor showing on the day.


Regulars Helen Duroux, Matt Sing and Josh Moylan along with Mr Davey picked up rubbish at the creek below Tenterfield High School before taking the opportunity to plant out some tree seedlings on the creek bank at Apex Park.

The site was ravaged by the bushfire that passed through in 2019 but the planting out of a mix of 150 callistemons, wattles and grevilleas will help towards reparation, with another 50 lomandra planted to slow and filter water.