Farmers invited to R U OK Day? get-together in Bruxner Park

People of all persuasions but particularly those on the land are encouraged to come along for a free lunch and chat on Thursday, September 13 for R U OK? Day 2018.

The Tenterfield Hub generally hosts a get-together in its offices but the party’s being moved into Bruxner Park this time, in a community demonstration of looking out for each other.

The Hub’s Deborah Lions said R U OK? Day is particularly significant for farmers this year, given the drought conditions. Often a problem shared is a problem halved, and people may take comfort in discovering there are many others facing similar difficulties.


Although a small community doesn’t have the resources to throw a truckload of money farmers’ way to help with drought issues, it can demonstrate that it cares and certainly can offer a sympathetic ear.

“We believe that asking ‘are you ok?’ is something we can all do to make a difference,” is the R U OK? mantra.

“This is the way the community shows it’s thinking of you,” Mrs Lions said to farming families.

“We want to know if you’re OK, and to tell us if you’re not.

“It’s about us as a community, showing we care. This is a national day that has seen lives saved.”

Mrs Lions said farmers in particular are often reluctant to admit they need help, preferring to cope on their own.

“But sometimes we can’t.”

The kettle will be boiling in Bruxer Park from 11.30am to 1.30pm. Should a wet weather alternative be required (wouldn’t that be nice), the venue will be advised.