Candidate Kim Rhodes shares what she would do for Tenterfield Council if elected

CANDIDATE: Kim Rhodes shares what she would do for the area if elected on council. Picture: Supplied.

CANDIDATE: Kim Rhodes shares what she would do for the area if elected on council. Picture: Supplied.

The majority of Tenterfield Shire residents will not have to vote come election day next month. Four of the shire's five wards did not receive enough nominations to require an election, which means six councillors will be automatically elected without a vote.

Two councillors are elected for each ward, so the only election will be in D Ward where there are four candidates: Kim Rhodes, Peter Murphy, Donald Forbes and Giana Saccron. Kim Rhodes shared what she would do for the area if elected on Council.

What expertise/attributes do you have which would help you in undertaking the role of councillor?

I have been very involved in the local community managing local businesses and volunteering in numerous organisations, as well as being a wife to Neil and mother to our daughter Emily. I have always worked in tourism/hospitality and education. I recently received an OAM for my services to Tenterfield. I'm very passionate about Tenterfield and am keen to make a difference, supporting other councillors and our community. I believe with my knowledge, experience and community rapport I can make a difference. For good outcomes you need a diverse group of people. Currently only one of our councillors is female and we need fairer representation within the Council.

What is your vision for the region?

My vision is to see Tenterfield become the best town and shire in northern NSW. To do this it's essential that Council, in consultation with our community, develop an ambitious strategic plan for our town encompassing both short-and long-term initiatives for local residents, ratepayers and visitors.

What do you think is the single most important issue facing the area?

Sustainability in all its facets including environment, economy, health, employment and the sustainability of the council itself is important. Our strategic plan needs to determine the needs of the community and how these will be achieved through economic growth, so Council can foster and encourage the industries, activities and services the community identifies as important.

What projects/developments do you intend to advocate for if elected?

It's essential we secure more industry to underpin our economy providing jobs especially for our youth, as well as supporting our sustainability. Encouraging tourism initiatives that encompass our natural landscape and our cultural heritage are critical to developing an economic and social strategy for our shire. I'd advocate for more services in our community including sport and leisure facilities for families and the youth of our district, in addition to routine Council services. I will strive for Council to advocate for the return of more health services back into Tenterfield.